NLPClinical’s proprietary manufacturing and delivery technology enables lower dosing, directed treatment to achieve higher bioavailability, resulting in less side effects.

NLPClinical has two (2) distinct delivery platforms using dry power Inhalation (NLPINHALED-Platform)
and our specialty coated Vegetable Oral Capsule technology. (NLPVCAPS-Platform)


Inhaled medication is absorbed quickly in the lungs. A significant lower dosing concentration is needed to administer the same active ingredient to the person taking the medicine when compared to oral dosing. This is because the medicine is not broken down in the stomach, enabling a higher bioavailability by delivering directly to the lungs. There are also fewer undesirable effects compared to taking oral tablets, which enter the stomach, dissolve, sending the medicine to other organs including the kidneys and liver.

Inhalation puts all of the medicine directly into the bloodstream bypassing all of the organs that normally inadvertently receive unnecessary medicine. We are looking for novel applications for existing medicines that are currently administered orally, but may cause unintended damage to other parts of the body.

NLPInhaled™ is one of NLP Clinical’s flagship technologies incorporating the technology of manufacturing medicines into powder form. It is then inhaled direct into the lungs for maximum absorption. By using NLPInhaled™, the patient uses approximately 10% of the active ingredient of the medicine in pill form.


Our proprietary delivery system utilizes two proprietary techniques which ensure maximized CBD absorption in the intestines.

• CBD oil is uniquely micro-encapsulated.

• The capsule is specialty-coated to ensure zero degradation in the stomach. The CBD oil capsule’s coating provides a barrier to stomach acids from the CBD oil.

Why doesn’t it break down?
NLP Clinical’s unique enteric coating has been specifically engineered to provide a protective coating that will break down at a pH level of 7.2, whereas your stomach has a pH level of 1-3. Your pH increases as you move along your small intestine away from your stomach. This design ensures break down after the first 12 inches of your intestine tract, optimizing CBD oil or any medicine absorption.