NLP Clinical LLC is comprised of like-minded professionals who want to deliver novel therapeutics to people using leading edge manufacturing technology

There have been many issues with medicines being over prescribed with ultra-high dosing concentrations. Our goal is to utilize proprietary, state-of-the-art delivery systems to maximize bioavailability of our natural and chemical pharmaceutical medicines at a fraction of the traditional dosing levels. This enhances the efficacy, while reducing side effects.


As a leader in our industry, we set the standard and lead by example; driving innovation and results. NLP Clinical’s company pledge to integrity and innovation holds little value it the leaders of our company put more value on short-term gains than long-term success. Our science, our ingredients and commitment to clinical therapeutic research and development drives our customer’s satisfaction.


Our team is commited to delivering efficacious, safe and clinically studied ingredients. We are at the forfront of our industry utilizing the latest analtical equipment, methods and deploying these in our peer reviewed clinical research. Everyday, our research and development team strive to find better ways to improve the health and well-being of patients, and the therapeutic value of our delivery technologies.


NLP Clinical’s delivery technologies and ingredients are developed in a GMP and FDA inspected facility in the United States. Our delivery systems and propriatary ingredients are clinically studied, and carry testing and certifications. We take the highest priority in developing and manufacturing our unique products with the best technologies out there. For you and for the environment.